CEO – $2 billion global manufacturer of food processing equipment

Alan and team clarified and helped resolve strategic issues as well as enhanced our pricing tools and processes. They delivered 3x the initial profit target and put us on a clear path of profit and share growth. They are clearly the top consulting firm in the industrial space.

President – Engineer-to-order business serving commercial construction

We hired Fortier & Associates to improve our key account programs and pricing. They exceeded all profit targets, plus put everything into a strategic context that clarified our long term direction.

CEO – $500 million packaging business

When we hired Fortier & Associates I was skeptical at first, but they made me a believer, exceeding all profit targets. Not only did their recommended growth and pricing actions create millions in increased profits, they helped us improve our processes and tools for on-going, sustainable gains. They are the top firm in their field.

Division President – Fortune 50 Company

When we started the project, I could not have imagined that the outcome would make such a difference in how we view the future. They helped us see the flaws of our current plan and how to improve our execution. Alan’s straightforward and open style is refreshing and very effective in our organization.

President – $500 million equipment company

Alan has been a consulting resource for over 8 years, during which time he has led projects that helped shape our strategy, segmentation and pricing approach. He always exceeds our expectations.

President – Medium sized chemicals business

We are always extremely satisfied with the high value of their work. Alan is a pleasure to work with due to his disciplined process, his direct style and the quality of his insights.

CEO – $800 million industrial company

What a wonderful resource Alan is. His strategic insights and advice are always worthy of the most careful consideration.

President – Medium sized capital goods company

Alan helped us develop a strategy over 4 years ago which continues to guide us. His business knowledge, practicality and facilitation skills are a rare combination that delivers high value.

Executive VP – Major global chemicals company

The strategy work that Alan led has us looking at the world and our business differently. I’m thankful we found him.

Executive Vice President – $500 million capital goods business

Alan exceeded our expectations. The project paid back in less than 1 month and is on track to create millions of dollars in profit improvement. Based on this very positive experience we will use Alan for other business areas.

Group President – $1 billion chemicals business

Alan’s pragmatic aggressive advice and facilitation helped create our current culture where achieving value pricing is now a constant part of our decision processes. His pricing seminar for our entire division was absolutely outstanding.

Senior Vice President and General Manager – Global industrial equipment business

Alan’s assistance in marketing and pricing helped improve our share, market position, and most importantly, the bottom line. He was also a big hit as the keynote speaker at our national sales meeting.

General Manager – Industrial consumables business

Alan’s assistance in pricing paid back in under 1 month, and added over $6 million annually to our bottom line. The methodologies and tools that he helped develop continue to improve our profits.

General Manager – Medium sized chemicals business

Alan’s pricing seminar was jam packed with useful tools and insights. His direct style is well received by our culture.

Global General Manager – Large global chemicals company

Wherever Alan is involved, things happen, and managers learn. He led a one-year project that helped create global, multi-functional business teams … not an easy task due to the previous silo mentality, political agendas and complexity. Alan helped each team make progress, guided by the global strategies that he helped to create.

General Manager – Industrial consumables business

Fortier & Associates brings a highly experienced and objective approach to complex business issues. They have been a key resource to our managers on strategic thinking, organization and personnel issues. They typically exceed our already high expectations. I enjoy working with Alan because of his wealth of knowledge, practical approach and responsiveness.

Senior Vice President and General Manager – Global industrial equipment business

Alan has been an outstanding resource for resolving strategy, marketing and implementation issues. His multi-disciplinary and global experience are extremely valuable in getting quick resolution of complex problems. His process facilitation skills are first rate.

General Manager – Medium sized plastics company

Alan has consistently proven to be a valuable resource and advisor on strategy, organization and personnel assistance. He is always practical, straightforward and professional.

Executive Vice President – Major global chemical company

The strategy work that Alan led has us looking at the world and our business differently. I’m thankful we found him.

President – $300 million equipment business

F&A are the best consultants in the world, bar none. They added millions to our bottom line and changed how we think about our business.