About Us

Who Are Our Clients?

Our practice is concentrated in industrial companies, with extensive experience in manufactured components, capital goods, chemicals, and related process industries. We have worked with multinational giants such as IBM, Kodak, Philips Electronics, BP Amoco, Arkema Chemical, Akzo Nobel, Dow Chemical, Arco, Toyota and Berkshire Hathaway, as well as hundreds of smaller and medium-sized businesses. We also have worked extensively with private equity-owned businesses. Our client base and project scope are global. Throughout our history we’ve conducted projects in every region of the world.

Types of Projects

Our work falls within the areas of strategy development & execution and pricing strategy & tactics, resulting in faster growth and increased profits. Typical projects are:

  • Structuring and facilitating a strategic planning process
  • Corporate strategy development and diversification
  • Execution improvement, linked to strategy
  • Assistance in strategic decisions: expansion, diversification, consolidation, etc.
  • Pricing strategy, tactics and execution for fast profit increase and enhanced strategy execution
  • Selling organization design and incentive systems
  • Market research in support of strategy and tactics development
  • Organization and business process improvement
  • Executive coaching and management appraisals
  • Mergers and acquisitions: planning, due diligence, valuation, integration

What makes Fortier & Associates unique is our strength in integrating strategy and implementation, and our extensive experience. This combination results in assistance that’s highly practical, with high probability for generating significant returns.

How We Operate

We pursue all projects with one goal in mind: Results! We focus on fast, tangible payback, but also on long term value creation. We work very closely with client management in all phases of work. This not only ensures that all critical issues will be addressed, but also increases the likelihood of successful execution.

Projects often conclude with a meeting or workshop that we facilitate with the goal of consensus on a clear path forward toward a well defined outcome. Because of our many years of experience, we are proud to report that our track record for clients accepting our recommendations and achieving rapid, high payback is outstanding.

As a small firm, when we take on an assignment we do so knowing that we will go to great lengths to resolve the client’s issues and create value. Your problems become our problems, and we will not consider a project complete until the key issues are fully resolved and client management is completely satisfied.

Guiding Principles

  1. Guaranteed client satisfaction
  2. Unquestioned integrity
  3. Objective analysis with answers from the market and thoughtful data analysis
  4. Link strategy with organization capabilities resulting in realistic, practical plans
  5. Sustainable outcomes
  6. Client manager involvement leading to better solutions and faster implementation

What are Our Strong Suits?

Clients have repeatedly told us that we are exceptionally strong in the following disciplines:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Improving Implementation and Issue Resolution
  • Pricing Strategy, Tactics and Processes

Our expertise in these areas stems from many years of experience with similar issues at different types of clients leading to development of best practices.

Company Staff

Our aim is to assemble the best team possible for each project. Our principal, Alan Fortier, plays an active role in every project. In addition, our Associates each possess over 25 years of management and/or consulting experience in our fields of work, technical undergraduate degrees and MBAs from top business schools. Outside the U.S. we occasionally rely on contract Associates with whom we have long term relationships.