Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a core area for our firm. We structure and facilitate processes that best suit each situation.

Typical outcomes include:

  1. More intensely competitive strategies
  2. Resolution of key strategic issues, such as addressing new technology, responding to aggressive competitors (including overseas/Chinese), or entering new market segments
  3. Business team consensus and readiness to act
  4. Creation of an action plan for direction and management control
  5. Creation of a closed loop review process for ongoing course adjustment

Projects could include market research, competitor benchmarking, industry attractiveness evaluations and group strategy analysis.

Project Examples

The following is a sample of strategy projects we have completed:

  • For a $300 million capital goods company we structured and facilitated a strategic planning process that clarified direction, galvanized managers across functions and product areas, and created focused plans leading to greater confidence and manager productivity. This led to industry leading growth in both share and margin.
  • For a $1 billion global chemicals business we helped create highly productive, global business teams, facilitated strategy development with full team ownership, and helped create core processes for linking implementation with strategy. The result: acceleration of strategic goal achievement and improved global market share.
  • For a medium sized plastics business we gathered needed market and competitor data and assisted in strategy formulation to directly address emerging Chinese competitors, cross business synergies, segment priorities and implementation issues. Significant, profitable growth resulted within one year.
  • For a medium sized chemicals business we led a global strategic planning process, including market trend analysis that launched a major turnaround in growth and profitability.

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