Improving Implementation and Issue Resolution

We approach issues by diagnosing root causes, developing options within a strategic context, and working with management to identify the optimal direction. Then we provide coaching and guidance as needed to assist in change management.

Project Examples

The following is a sample of strategy projects we have completed:

  • For a large chemicals company we valued several businesses which led to changed priorities and a decision to divest some businesses and to acquire others. We then assisted in achieving both the acquisition and divestiture goals.
  • For a medium-sized capital goods company we diagnosed implementation issues and helped link execution with strategy, including process improvement and use of key metrics. This project dramatically improved profitability.
  • For a small equipment supplier we helped understand industry life cycle changes and altered the company’s value proposition. We then structured implementation processes and provided coaching to accelerate the needed transition.
  • For a private equity group, evaluated the pricing potential and risks of a prospective acquisition, leading to greater confidence in the valuation. The acquisition was successful and we later helped realize the projected pricing upside.

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